Philippine BPO Maintains High Competitive Conditions

Costs are one of the hindrances that businesses face every now and then; thus, blocking their growth or even becoming the reason of halting operations. Businesses can get outsourcing solutions that lower overhead costs. Through Ezy Outsourcing Hub, businesses can get competitive talents from the Philippines, which are proficient in the English language and known […]

philippine outsourcing automation

How Technology Can Work Side by Side with Philippine BPO

Customer expectations are hard to reach, especially when an organisation refuses to embrace innovation and technology. Leveraging technology through strategic outsourcing solutions helps organisations to streamline its processes and promote efficiency and focus since technology takes over everyday mundane tasks. Ezy Outsourcing Hub is your gateway to outsourcing in the Philippines. We make outsourcing easy […]


Automation Will Not Doom PH Call Center Says Experts

There has been constant fear what will happen to call centers once they adopt artificial intelligence. However, a business process outsourcing sector expert said there is nothing to worry about. Outsourcing advisory firm Outsource Accelerator founder Derek Gallimore said the ones who are thinking about artificial intelligence as the downfall of call centers are missing […]


Australian Ambassador Praises Manila as Hotbed for Australian Businesses

The Philippines and Australia have traditionally enjoyed a warm diplomatic relationship where many businesses from the land down under have also established offshore operations in Manila over the years. In the age of rapid globalization and cultural absorption, Australian companies that are seeking to venture further into the East Asian markets and continental Europe are […]